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Scorpions Drummer Insults Islam

James Kottak was arrested at an airport when he drank to much on a plane and insulted Muslims on landing.

The current drummer from the heavy metal band, Scorpions, has found himself in jailed in Dubai for a month for getting drunk, flashing his middle finger at Muslims, and allegedly insulting Islam. Many Egyptians are big fans of the Scorpions, who not too long ago convinced Cairenes to spend a stupid amount of money to watch the heavy metal band perform acoustically. After hearing what the drummer has to say about Muslims, we are pretty sure Egyptians won't be making that mistake again.

The incident occurred on the flight from Moscow to UAE where James Kottak was transiting before arriving in Bahrain, set to perform at a Formula One Grand Prix concert. During the flight, Kottak, 51, allegedly pulled his pants down and began swearing loudly after drinking five glasses of wine on the plane. Once the plane landed, Kottak continued the spectacle, while being arrested and detained.

In the transit hall of the airport, the American was very angry and swearing loudly. Witnesses claim that when he passed a group of Pakistani and Afghan passengers, he began swearing at them and talking about "non-educated Muslims."

A 27-year-old employee at the airport, said: 'When he [Kottak] saw the Pakistani and Afghani passengers, he covered his nose and said that there was no way he will travel with them.' This statement was supported by an officer who claims that Kottak said “What is that disgusting smell”, according to The National.

In court, Kottak's lawyer did his best to represent his client, saying that he did not commit an indecent act, but only wanted to show people his tattoos. As for the outburst in the airport, the lawyer claims that his client is innocent as witnesses' statements contradicted one another. Kottak himself admits to drinking but denies flashing the middle fingers and insulting muslims.

In the end, the judge fined Kottak Dh2,000 for drinking and will be deported after completing a one month in jail, but will be released soon as he already spent the majority of the sentence in custody.