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Seaside Pizza

There's a new pizza place on the North Coast, and if Lou's Food Corner is anything to go by, Alia Abdelrahman's latest venture is bound to be delicious.

Summer in Sahel is never going to be the same! Alia Abdelrahman, of Lou's Food Corner, officially migrated to Hacienda's The Block by opening her first pizza shop in the North Coast, Lujo's Gourmet Pizza. The concept behind the little pizza place by the great big sea is combining high quality, fresh ingredients and mixing them together in new and innovative ideas, resulting in a perfect pizza baby that everyone will be dying to sink their teeth in.

Abdelrahman, the chef behind Lujo's, started out as a pop up chef and caterer for her very own kitchen, Lou's Food CornerArmed with her partner, Youssef Fayez, and a thirst for innovation, Abdelrahman decided to make the big leap and launch Lujo's. When asked about why she decided to open in Sahel, the chef stated that she wanted the seaside resort to be a "test period" for the nascent gourmet pizza place. "There aren't a lot of pizza places open in Sahel this summer, especially since Thomas is closed down for the season." We asked Abdelrahman about the biggest challenge she might face in the North Coast, to which she replied, stating that it will most probably be shipping the ingredients from Cairo all the way to Lujo's birthplace, and also reaching out to Sahel goers. 

We delved deeper into the concept behind the pizza place: Abdelrahman says that she wants her clientele to "think differently about food and the way [they] eat." With that being said, she plans on creating "Ramadan Pizzas" with her speciality being Fatta El Makdous, which is basically an eggplant and Fatta pizza, with the hard, crusty bread used in traditional Fattas serving as the pizza dough, and eggplant, meat and yoghurt toppings. She also plans on including new and innovative pizza ideas such as Shawerma pizzas and much more!

If the quality of Lou's Food Corner is any indication, then we're expecting Lujo's to be a huge hit, especially since good pizza places are so hard to come by in a place that's seafood -entric. With the venue opening in Hacienda this Thursday, it's safe to say we'll definitely be checking them out this weekend!

Check out their facebook page here.