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Segn El Nessa Faces Harassment Suit

Despite being one of the most critically acclaimed TV series of the Ramadan season, one eager lawyer is determined to put the cast and crew of Segn El Nessa behind real bars...

Lawyer Hany Mohamed has reportedly filed a case against the cast and crew of one of Ramadan's most watched mosalal. The Segn El Nessa (Women's Prison) cast and crew are accused of "harassing" Egyptian audiences by the over-zealous lawyer who cites articles 171, 178 and 306 which address sexual harassment to back up his absurd case. Article 306 states that anyone caught harassing anyone should face six months imprisonment for six months and pay a minimum fine of EGP 3,000. Article 171 implies that anyone who seduces or lures anyone should also face the same fate as a harasser. So what exactly is so harassing and seductive about the series? Well, the self-appointed moral guide that is Hany Mohamed claims that obscene language and scenes of a sexual nature throughout the 30-episode series have deflowered a nation and is now ready to take revenge for Egyptians across the world instead of just changing the channel. The court hearing is scheduled for 28th October 2014.