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Shell Helix Just Gave Us A Brand New Summer Anthem

The summer isn't over according to Shell's new campaign #DriveOn #كمل_مشوارك.

Did a leaf just fall off that tree? No it didn’t as far as we're concerned, because it’s still summer. End of story. It’s still 40 degrees outside. That weatherman is a liar. 

Someone's been listening and answered our call for that summer feel to last just a little longer. And oh boy is it lasting. What says summer more than an instant classic hit in the making? 

For real though, summer isn’t ending and Shell Helix is keen on showing us that through this phenomenal track. It was released in collaboration with the illustrious producer Metro, as a part of their summer campaign #DriveOn #كمل_مشوارك to remind us that the season is nowhere near meeting its end yet, and perhaps never will! And what better way to rejuvenate the summer spirit than for Shell Helix to release this unbelievably addictive song.

We’ll definitely be driving on while listening to the funky beats and memorable lyrics long after the summer ends or rather when it doesn’t. This is Egypt after all. There's no telling when the next heat wave will hit. And we'll be ready with our brand new spanking tune.

Check out Shell Egypt's Facebook page here.