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ShibShib War

Us Arabs are known for our love of shoe throwing, and now we can do it on the go thanks to a cheeky new app.

Permanently glued to our mobile phones and tablets, we're increasingly missing out on the small pleasures in life. You know, like spending time with our families, being their for our friends, throwing shibshibs at our enemies... Well fret no more - ShibShib War puts the joy of hitting things with our favourite footwear right in your pocket!

Developed by Arab app pros BeeLabs, this nifty little game follows the Angry Birds format, wherein you play as a typical Arab dude, white galabeya and all, flinging flip-flops across obstacles to hit some pesky aliens. The levels include Jordan, Lebanon, Sudan, KSA, Syria, the UAE, Kuwait, Morocco, Iraq, Yemen and Egypt, among others, and each scene reflects each country with quirky illustrations. However, only two of the levels are playable for free, and you have to make in-app purchases to move onto the next country.

Available on both Android and iOS, the game has nonetheless been downloaded thousands of times with some great reviews.