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Shnit Short Film Festival Launches 6th Edition This Weekend

Calling all filmmakers, creators, and appreciators.

With summer well over, it seems as if the only interesting thing about October in Egypt is pumpkin-spiced everything the Halloween genre on Netflix. Right? Wrong! The Shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival is back to get you out of your Fall funk this weekend.

The festival is set to kick off this Thursday, October 18th to next Sunday, October 14th at the Cairo Playgrounds. Shnit playgrounds are the places in which the festival takes place simultaneously in different host cities around the world, with Cairo Shnit festivities set to primarily take place at Zawya Cinema, the U.S. Information Resource Centre, and Cima Garden City.

This isn’t your ordinary snob fest- Shnit is a film festival that engages film goers rather than a bunch of film snobs pretending to understand what’s going on and basking in their own pretension. The festival focuses on three main components: Film, Fun, and Festivity.

The international festival presents during four days a proud selection of the best short films from all over the world. It takes place at exactly the same time in Buenos Aires, Bangkok,  Bern, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Moscow, San José (Costa Rica) and of course Cairo. 

The films are presented in ‘blocks’, which serve as sort of themes, versus having to sit through a bunch of films that have nothing to do with each other. Looking for more of a light-hearted feel to your night? Shnit’s got you covered with comedy, animation, and some parties thrown into the mix. These filmblocks are a 90 minute compilation of short films composed by specific topics or genres. That means that you can pick a block according to your interests or take a gamble on our curators choices of pre-selected blocks. So in short, get your Shnit together for a weekend of endless funsies and festivities. 

You can choose a film block by looking through the Shnit's facebook or website.

Photo: CairoZoom