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Shnit Pre-Party: The Best Curated Underground Lineup This Season

This Friday the 30th, Shnit's pre-party in the Old French Consulate Building has the hottest underground lineup we have seen all year. Established talent and newcomers alike, Shnit has got you covered.

This local Shnit will get you f'ed up, yo. Ahmed Samy, Saleh Amin, Hassan Abou Alam, Jorg, Joey, Azaar, Bashar, and Moose! Woah man, we're officially about to lose our Shnit. We can't even. If you guys don't know what Shnit is, it's an International ShortFilmFestival – yes, one word – taking place in several different venues around Cairo. To get people hyped about the festival, the guys at Shnit decided to throw a pre-party with Cairo underground heavyweights side by side with fresh Cairene talent. Well, not really side by side.Two rooms will host different caliber DJs, with one room for the old school heavyweights playing vinyl – AKA the main room – and another for upcoming talent. Segregating the talent based on what medium they are using to play and whether they are upcoming or established artists is kind of strange – more like an international first, but we're excited to see how it works out. You will find us in the upcoming room scouting for fresh meat - err, we mean talent. After the booze kicks in, we will be plastered to the speakers in the main room to the sounds of Ahmed Samy, Saleh Amin, Montreal based DJ Jorg, and Hassan Abou Alam, who will be tearing down the ceiling off the Old French Consulate Building come next Friday the 30th. With eye pleasing light and visual installations commissioned for the night we cannot be more excited.

Check out Shnit's event page on Facebook here and visit their website for more info.