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Shoot Yourself

If Dawn of the Dead met Egyptian society in a film, we imagine it would go a bit like this...

Cairo civilians will have to fight  a horde of zombies, actually, wait, wait. Not real zombies as real zombies would not be as intimidated by shekheer and Hermés belts like in usual Egyptian fights, plus they’ll interrupt your BBM conversations before they can eat your brains. No, they would most likely be virtual zombies. On a big screen. But not just a big screen, a bigger screen than you or any of your friends have in your living room. “Ah, but I have a 3D screen!” says one shab. 3D?! How about 7D? Bam! The friends agree that the best way to kill real imaginary zombies, while staying on their phones and not having their brains eaten, is to head off to XD Dark Ride in City Stars! Once there, they take Instagram pictures of themselves competing against each other, killing the real fake zombies and celebrate by winning a free sushi or Lebanese dinner for five at Mori Sushi or Tamara Bistro.

Alright, it’s a pretty bad film idea but who cares? Free food and the world is saved! Wooo!

To enter the XD Shoot Yourself competition, all you have to do is Tweet or email a photo of yourself experiencing the XD Dark Ride 7D game to They’ll post the picture on their Facebook page and the photo with the most ‘likes’ by April 1st wins! But remember, anyone who likes your photo MUST also like the PAGE for the votes to count! GOOD LUCK! Make sure to tag yourself and share with all your friends.