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Florida is about to get a new landmark as Universal Studio begins building a real-life replica of The Simpsons' Springfield, according to Fox News...

Universal Studios in Orlando have announced that they are to build a real-life replica of Springfield, the fictional city where 24-season strong The Simpsons is set. Guests will be able to walk around as if they're part of the infamous animation, pop into Moe's Tavern for a pint of Duff Beer, grab a Krusty Burger or visit the Jebediah statue. Now ,we've always been massive fans of The Simpsons. Who hasn't? But isn't this, you know, a tad bit, like, bat-shit crazy? It's one thing to dull the minds of children with endless hours of TV but to then take what they see on TV into real life, is kind of a mind-fuck. If we wanted to go to a cartoon town we would just hop on a bus to Aswan to chill in Bakkar's hood. Having said that, a Lard Lad's doughnut does sound pretty good...