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Sing Along with Scandar!

So apparently, Egypt’s favourite pop princess/gorgeous-haired human, Lara Scandar, who we thought was of non-Arabic singing variety, has released her first Arabic music video.

Was anyone else surprised to find out she could actually speak Arabic? Well anyway, turns out she can and she actually sounds pretty amazing which kind of makes us hate her, you know, in a good way. As if it weren’t enough that she’s hot, can sing and has hair that every girl in Cairo probably wants to rip out of her head and sew onto their own (everyone remember that Herbal Essences ad?), turns out she can belt out some Arabic tunes too. Her new song from her debut album About A Girl is titled Taalou Ghannou Maaya which translates to ‘Come Sing With Me’ which, after watching the video, we are totally willing to do because her life looks a lot funner and better dressed than ours.

The video is basically a group of hot girls dressed like they just came off the set of Gossip Girl, participating in some very important girly activities like spa treatments and cupcake eating – a favorite pastime of many a female. They basically have one or two (we can’t tell) girls’ nights in/out (we can’t tell). They check into a hotel and have a pillow fight, throw around some balloons, play some Twister – you know, what girls usually do when they’re hanging out. Obviously.


The last time we had a girls’ night in we were just sat around in our oversized pyjamas pigging out on McDonalds with ketchup smeared across our faces, watching Love Actually. And our hair didn’t look nearly as good as theirs. Near the end they all go out for burgers which we don’t believe for a second because we all know girls that look like that don’t eat burgers. They eat lettuce. And every so often the screen cuts to shots of Lara alone, standing against a wall in a sequined mini-dress, singing her heart out and flipping around her ridiculously gorgeous hair.

Aaaaaaaaanyway, you can pick up the pop cutie’s album at Virgin Megastores.