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Soopar Lox Gets Soopar Loud at CJC

Back on the Cairo Jazz Club stage this September 30th, Soopar Lox has us Soopar excited. Soopar!

Cairo Jazz Club is renowned for bringing cool talent right to your ears; different bands and genres for your auditory pleasures. The consistency and the drive behind the venue is a guarantee that they do and will always deliver one of the best nights out on the town. Their latest booking has us all talking around the office, one of our favourite bands: Soopar Lox is back on September 30th. These innovative musicians bring rich and new melodies with their success residing in their ability to intertwine a variety of melodies brought by each of the band members' personal background in music as well as a strong awareness of local Egyptian music which is prevalent in their work. 

If we were to judge by their most recent CJC gig we remember, they had the club full. Drinks were flowing, and the vibe was just too awesome it was during the release of their album Semsesizer. So knowing these two powerhouses you know what you're in for, but in case you were living under a rock the last whatever years, here is the low down about the four-member band, who have an apparent solid history with music. There’s Akram El Sherif who plays both the oud and the electric guitar, Hamdeen Sabry rocks the bass, Bassem Wadie provides the killer soothing and strong vocals and lastly Negmeddin with his command of rhythm on drums and electronics. Thing is, it really is a risk when it comes to infusing so many different musical characters but if executed right you end up with a truly rich performance. There’s an electro oriental vibe to their sound that is set to please the raver as well as the orientalist within this September 30th.

Opening for Soopar Lox is non other than DJ Wah Leed who frequently visits Cairo from Geneva to play his sensational music. He will be making an appearance at CJC to play a selection of Funk, Soul, Jazz, Breaks, Broken Beat, Reggaeand more.