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Stavolta Delivery Is Happening With #UberIceCream

I scream, you scream - we all should just settle down and get ice cream delivered.

Ok guys, we have news and you’re going to want to sit down for this one. Uber - you know, the easiest, most efficient way to get around Cairo and Alex - and Stavolta - the greatest thing to happen to ice cream since actual ice - are teaming up to deliver the finest, coolest, dairy-based concoctions directly to your face. Take a minute to process this glorious information. 
That’s right, you can get Stavolta’s signature authentic homemade artisanal Italian Gelato brought to you with the same ease and simplicity that you already use to cart your butt around with Uber. That butt might be a little heftier if you utilise this amazing opportunity too much, but we won’t judge. 
Warm up your thumbs and get ready to cool down with the nicest ice cream in town July 15th between 2PM – 7PM. Just open up the Uber app like normal, and push the ice cream button and then wait a couple minutes and you’ll be able to cram your face and cool off. 
More details are available over at Uber's official blog