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Stay Woke: Access One of the World’s Biggest Academic Databases for Free

Online academic database giant JSTOR offers more than 150 academic journals and 6000 e-books for free.



Now that more and more people are studying during self-quarantine, you may be forgiven for thinking your resources have gotten limited. And then you remember that you live in an age where you can fit a library inside your phone. JSTOR - aka the sole saviour of college students around the world during Red Bull-charged all-nighters - has over 150 academic journals and 6000 e-books are available on their website free-of-charge.

JSTOR’s open-access database covers a huge collection of subjects; from medicine, humanities,  engineering and law to a comprehensive selection of journals on the arts, among other concentrations. The database offers e-books from top publishers -  such as Brill, Cornell University Press and University of California Press - and boasts more than 1.3 million images, videos, documents and audio files sourced from museums, archives, libraries and faculty collections.

So, whether you’re studying from home or looking to make the most of this quarantine to enrich your mind, you can access this free database by heading over to Thanks for coming to our TED Talk.