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Summer Gate Hits the City

Back2Basics are throwing the first big bash of the summer - your chance to say goodbye to the city before you migrate to the beach.

Summer is once again upon us. That season of heat to rival that of the inner circle of hell, leather car seats that give you second degree burns, and what we can only assume will be even more power cuts. Naturally, Cairenes need to escape this city nightmare and flock to the seaside to swop dust for white sand, or hop on a plane to enjoy some much needed time outside of Egypt entirely. Before we all head off to enjoy our summers outside of the city's parameters, it is only right that we bid Cairo a proper adieu, and celebrate the farewell in style, with – what else? – a massive party.

Back2Basics are stepping up and making it happen, with their ode-to-summer bash, Summer Gate. We love the punny party title, although it is worth noting that Watergate was one word, as well as a massive scandal – but we can safely assume this start of summer shindig will be a wild and rather scandalous party as the crazy kids of the city do it up in signature style. It is also worth noting that the party will take place on the 30th of May, a date which coincides with the end of finals for most college seniors, which we all know means a week-long bender of booze and music and raucous debauchery.

Back2Basics are kindly providing us with one last crazy eve before we say goodbye to Cairo and skip town to head to our various summer destinations. The party will be happening atop the gorgeous Fairmont Nile City at their Sky Pool, starts at 3PM and ends before midnight. So pull out your sandal wedges and Crayola-coloured skirts and get ready for a day party to end all day parties. SHawky and Nikola Nita will the hitting the decks at the event, spinning out enough sick sounds to deafen the entire city (in the best way possible) and making you move with the latest in Nu Disco and Deep House. We've been told the dress code is, and we quote, "Choose Your Destination." We take this to mean it will be like the boozier, vodka-and-House-fuelled cousin of high school's International Day. Forget the sandal wedges and skirts – find your best international costume. Geisha it up or go French with berets, your call. We might even don some galabeyas and say our destination is Aswan.