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Swim with Dolphins (& Mermaids) on this Girls-Only Trip

Egypt’s very own professional mermaid Sara El Laithy is taking you on an underwater adventure.

Egypt’s mermaid of choice Sara El Laithy is leading a swimming-with-dolphins escape and if that’s not the most magical sentence you’ve heard all week we dare you to drag us into that closet to Narnia you’ve been hiding from us. Here’s the breakdown for this wondrous nautical adventure...

El Laithy has teamed up with Aziab Seafaris and photographer Renata Romeo to organize a four-day trip on an eco-friendly sail boat bobbing away in and around the Red Sea’s Sataya Dolphin Reef. You’ll get to dive, snorkel, mermaid and even take part in an underwater modeling session!

The all-inclusive trip sets sail on March 12th. If you’ve been searching for a new experience to shuffle away the boredom of quarantine, this is as new as it gets. Contact Aziab Seafaris to book your spot on this dreamy mermaid getaway.