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THS - The Hotdog Stand

A new hot dog stand in Zamalek is promising American-style hotdogs for the benefit of your titillating taste-buds!

Just like 'gourmet' burgers were the new cupcakes, 'New York' style hot dogs seem to be the new ‘gourmet’ burgers, as far as Cairo's culinary zeitgeist is concerned. However, as of yet, the quality of the actual meat in the hotdog never quite lives up to the promise of the American dream. A new hot dog stand has opened in Zamalek, promising to give foodies that authentic taste and vibe. "We imported an actual hot dog cart from New York and started making hot dogs. Our philosophy is that you can still find high quality fresh food at a very reasonable price, even in a place like Zamalek,"founder of The Hot Dog Stand, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, told us.

For once, a new food concept promising affordability actually delivers. A hot dog and three toppings (out of ten to choose from) costs only 15 LE, ideal for a lunch-time snack or post-night-out binge.  

If you're feeling like a dog today, you can take your taste buds to THS in the Metro towers building, directly in front of Flamenco Hotel in Zamalek. 

Check out The Hot Dog Stand on Facebook here