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Tabla Sahel is Taking Back the Night this Summer

The partying powerhouse has just undergone a massive revamp by Alchemy Design Studio and is flinging open its ultra-glam doors this Eid. Nocturnal antics await...

Clubbing giant Tabla is set to re-open its (absurdly glam) doors in Sahel this summer, and this year they're upping the ante, having partnered up with creative powerhouse Alchemy Design Studio's Karim Mekhtigian, for an ultra-swanky and gorgeous revamp. Tabla Sukhna has been our main source of seaside boozing and unforgettable parties for the last five years; its Cairene counterpart Gu Bar has delivered night after night of nocturnal antics in the city; and last year, Tabla's Sahel incarnation thoroughly captured our hearts when they beckoned us in the North Coast where they know most of us reside every summer – tanning, on the constant quest for kickass parties, and just generally overdosing on bateekh. This year, we can barely control our excitement about escaping the godawful heat of this city and hitting up the seashore, and more importantly, what has now become one of Sahel's most iconic nightspots, Tabla. Last year saw all of the nation's movers and shakers descend upon the seaside club for unparalleled parties that kick off as the moon takes over and only end when the sun reclaims its spot in the sky - and this year will be even bigger.

Now, we got the exclusive sneak peek at what this summer's Tabla is looking like and the nightspot is taking things to a whole new level this year. Mekhtigian’s Alchemy Design Studio team took charge of this stunning revamp, and partnering up with these design geniuses means that nothing short of a magnificent space is guaranteed. Picture golden metal curtains, glistening high tables, and a massive stage for entertainment where a slew of DJs, singers, and all around musical superstars are sure to dazzle us through those long summer nights. And for those not keen on hitting up the dance floor all night, because let's be honest, gossip is an integral part of a night out, Tabla is ready to accommodate and provide them with an elegant VIP bar and lounge section just to kick back, sip delicious cocktails, and enjoy that addictive North Coast breeze. The design aesthetic alone has us awe-struck and the parties haven't even started yet. We're pretty confident it will live up to international standards; who even needs Ibiza? 

Ahmed Wahdan, the mastermind behind Tabla, has been bringing back some spectacular musically diverse performances over the years. From performances by international stars, to DJs spinning up a storm of the latest international hits, to a gorgeous crowd boogieing to eighties-themed tunes, Tabla literally doesn’t know a boring night. 

This year, Fridays are set to be Walkman Night featuring DJ Tough Guy all the way from Beirut aka a rewind to the best beats of yesteryears because we all know old is gold. And even more importantly, Thursday nights (aka the day we all run away from the city at breakneck speed and make a mad dash for the seaside), will be Tabla's signature night where you can party away your workweek blues with a different theme every week.

"We promise a huge surprise on the opening night and many more surprises through the season, as well as bringing back our signature Heshek Beshek nights on Saturdays," says Wahdan who considers the renovation of Tabla Sahel as completely new and different from any of his previous venues. 

The building alone, spherical and divided in different-level decks, can take up more than 1500 guests that have the option between hanging out at the bar, dancing the night away on the colossal dance floor, or catching their breath at the VIP crimson-tinted lounges. Also, there are giant dancing Buddhas at the entrance and that's reason enough to go. Be sure to catch the re-opening on July 6th. We know we will. 

Find more about Tabla as well as Alchemy Design studio.