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Tameem Younis Deals With The Devil In Raseeni Episode 8

In the latest episode of Raseeni, Tameem Younis interviews the devil himself to find out what makes him tick.

Tameem Younis, artist, director, public figure (term used loosely), and all around master of fuckery, is back at it again. His YouTube show Raseeni is getting major coverage online and is tackling topics that are not so ordinary; his latest episode talks about the devil and how he is portrayed in Egyptian culture.

Apparently Younis believes the devil is a vile creature and that he is damned to roam the world fucking with people's morals. He also thinks that women are the devil's easiest target - just look at Eve and how easily she was convinced to eat the apple that dammed her and her significant other. He also mentions other shit that the devil can't do, like use deodorant because it's flammable and the devil is made of fire!

He brings in the devil for an interview to set things straight once and for all about things that we all question, like what's up with the fork? He also asks the devil if he likes sinful things like pork and sex, to which the devil replies "They are my passion!" Younis also questions satan regarding what he thinks about belly dancing and about people relating things like death metal and heavy metal to him.

Check out what other important issues Younis and the devil discussed in the eighth episode of Raseeni below.