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Tecno Mobile Launches in Egypt

Tecno Mobile has launched in Egypt, bringing its brand of cool high-tech affordable phones to the market.

So your iPhone broke, you're broke after you spent the last of your savings on a shopping trip to Europe, and you're left bereft and smartphone-less. But fret not, Tecno Mobile comes to the rescue.

The dynamic smartphone brand has filled a gap in the market, launching in Egypt with its much needed hi-tech yet affordable smartphones, after their model proved to be highly successful throughout other African countries.

Now don't get us wrong; these aren't your run-of-the-mill shitty cheap-o smartphones that are going to collapse into a steaming pile of junk two days after you buy them. Tecno Mobile's endgame is providing affordable technology without compromising on quality, as well as emphasising on providing good after-purchase services for their customers.

And the phones themselves look good too… sleek and simple, they're not a far cry from some of the leading smartphone giants already flooding the market.