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Thai Diplomat Attacks Egyptians

An Egyptian couple suffered serious verbal and physical abuse after crossing paths with the First Secretary of the Thai Embassy in Cairo...

Unusual would be an understatement to explain what went down last week at a hotel in Cairo. What started out as a group of friends getting together for a night out, quickly took a turn for the crazy. A man and his wife went to meet with their friends, including another couple whom one part of works at the Thai embassy, here in Cairo. She decided to bring her friend with her, even though no one else from the group knew her. This friend was apparently very strange from the get-go. She was rude, and aggressive, even though she was inviting the guests to another party in the following weeks. As the night went on, she continued to insult Egypt and Egyptians claiming Egypt “is the worst place I have ever been after Beirut.” Not only did she cross diplomatic boundaries but personal ones as well. She called two Egyptian men; “fat and ugly” while making vomiting gestures. Although everyone was uncomfortable with the woman, they tried to get to know her and after asking for her name several times, she refused and responded with, “my name is kosommak,” while repeatedly giving them the middle finger.

Throughout the night, this mystery woman allegedly named after female genitalia, constantly boasted about how she could basically do whatever she wanted because she had diplomatic immunity. This woman had all sorts of issues and complaints, chastising the couple with rude remarks after not finding a seat on the couch and not approving of the man crossing his legs in front of her.

After the man’s wife made a remark about the ambiguity of this crazy woman’s name, the woman got violent, kicking the woman with her heels. When the man saw this, he slapped the woman’s phone out her hands and the man’s wife had to intervene. Unfortunately, things quickly escalated and his wife was a victim of abuse from this Thai embassy employee who pulled her hair out, kicked her in the head with heels and bit her repeatedly. The poor woman left with a black eye, an open wound in her head, scratches all over her body, and four deep bite marks on her arms, as well as being very emotionally disturbed.

While we realise this story sounds like it is fabricated but apparently its not. We are interested to see how the rest of this unravels and what measures the Thai Embassy is going to take in order to justify the events on that very strange night. They have yet to release a statement and we have yet to learn the fate of the embassy employee.