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The Annual Automech Formula is Here

The annual motor show is at its 24th edition, and we have the lowdown.

As teenagers living in Egypt in the 90s and early 2000s, it was rare to spot a super car in the street. Even when you do come across one it is usually on the road and would disappear just as quick as it showed up. At the time, the internet was nowhere near where it is today and even so much as thinking of going onto your favourite cars website to browse would send your computer into a ten day lag seizure.Then came the Automech Formula Motor Show, we would wait all year for the announcement. And when the big day finally arrived, we would queue all day to get in just to sit in a Porsche or hear the monster growling sounds of a Ferrari revving.Most boys over the age of 14 have already attended the annual motor show, and nearly everyone living in the country has heard of it. This comes as part of our fascination with cars as a nation, and also the fact that even a Kia Picanto has now officially become impossible to procure for 90% of the population. Automech is where you can sit in the driver seat of your favourite car, which would otherwise require a bank waiver to come within 3 feet of. You will also witness new reveals by Mercedes, BMW, Nissan, and many more.From September 20th through to the 25th, the motor show, set to take place at the Cairo International Conference Centre in Heliopolis, will host a whole bunch of activities and live experiences courtesy of Shell. A partnership with Uber will give you a 30% discount should you choose to travel in one of their many rides zipping through the city at any give time - just enter promo code (motorshow17). Official car loans will be on offer by Mubasher and QNB - so you can finally afford that ever so luxurious Kia Picanto. And finally, as the rage for everything vintage continues to ravage the city, attendees looking to take a step back in time will find a car show with all of grandpas classic miniature collectables in real life size.

This event is supported by (OICA-Automobile Club).

The content of this article is sponsored.