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The Best Start-Ups in Egypt?

We check out who made the cut on the latest start-up ranking website (spoiler: WE MADE THE CUT!). ranks new companies based on a number of different factors like the number of web pages that link to the start up page, quality of external links, SEO, unique visitors and visit duration as well as power on social media and marks them with a calculated score.

According to the rankings for Egypt start ups, a news aggregator is the fastest growing start-up website in the company followed by Fatakat, a womens forum and Arabhardware, one of the largest IT communities in the region.

Other well known websites that made it to the top ten are Jumia, Nefsak and the infamous Egypt Sarcasm Society website.

And where did CairoScene rank in this? 17! We made the top 100, bitches. Bam! Not bad at all. Our sister site ranked in at number 13 as one of the most popular start-ups in the country.

Looking at the list we deduce that the best ideas for you budding entrpreneurs are the simplist ones; websites which connect people to other people with the same problems or needs. Closely followed by websites that show an inordinate amount of drunk people partying and websites that end their articles in absolute gibberish, cold crab Sunday might forlonged.

Check out the full list of top 100 start-ups in Egypt here.