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The Biggest Rollersports Festival in the Middle East Just Took Place at Al-Asmarat City

Al-Asmarat City has hosted a roller sport extravaganza combining roller hockey, roller skating and more, drawing in about 1600 participants from across the country.

We're not ones to brag, but when it comes to sports, Egypt has quite a few stand-outs. Tennis, squash, even judo sometimes. We haven't really made tracks when it comes to roller sports, though - at least, not yet! The newly constructed Al-Asmarat City (situated between Moqattam and Nasr City) just hosted the biggest roller sports festival in the whole of the MENA region, drawing in about 1600 participants from across the country.

The festival included individual, double and group roller skating, roller hockey, a fireworks show and a Pharaonic show. The competitions themselves were divided into 100M, 200M, 300M and 5000M distances. We’re not sure exactly why this happened, but we heard it was inspired by the annual BERLIN-MARATHON Inline Skating event, which attracts thousands of skaters from around the world. Could Egypt be the next rollersports capital of the world? Time will only tell when tourists will ever feel obligated to pack their skates alongside their sandals and sunscreen.