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The Courtyard’s #SnapYourHappy Competition Swaps Smiles for Freebies!

Get your smiles ready for some Insta-snapping and tagging because The Courtyard wants to see you in your happy place, and in exchange they will be giving you loads of free goodies - to keep you happy, of course.

Whether your idea of happiness is dipping a biscuit in your tea or secretly hiding under a blanket to revisit old text messages that made you laugh, it all falls into the golden rule that Into The Wild’s Christopher McCandless expressed: “Happiness is only real when shared.” Jumping onto that spirit is the Courtyard Maadi’s #SnapYourHappy campaign, which sets out to transform our instafeeds into a collection of memorable moments in exchange for some awesome happy-triggers to keep the cycle going; winners get shopping vouchers, play time, and gym passes.

You don’t have to be at the Courtyard; you don’t even have to be laughing or posing in these seemingly I-totally-didn’t-see-that-coming candid shots that we all know are totally staged. Does happiness equal good food to you? Snap it. Does it mean sitting in front of a fake fireplace, just for the sake of it? Snap it. Does it mean finding a 50 LE note in your jeans after they come out of the laundry? Snap that one, too. All you have to do is post your happy pictures on Instagram from January 18th to 28th, use the #SnapYourHappy hashtag, and tag @courtyardmaadi.

The three best photos will win massive prizes! The biggest prize up for grabs is 3,000 LE in vouchers for the various outlets, gym passes, and play time at Wiggly Jungle. The second prize amounts to 2,000 LE in vouchers, gym passes, and play time. And the third prize is 500 LE in vouchers.


But fret not because basically, everyone's a winner! The first 45 posts automatically win goodies including a free meal for two at La Fandi or breakfast at Kazlak – because, what better happiness trigger than food? Duh.

The three winners will be announced on January 29th, but you can follow all updates on Instagram @courtyardmaadi or Facebook.