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The Daily Spender App

Travel and savings are two words you never usually hear together. Luckily, Appduction Studio's new app helps you stay within budget while you're abroad.

Travelling can be stressful, especially when you are trying to stay within budget in a new country with a different currency. More often than not, you end up going over-budget, blaming the currency exchange and finding yourself coming home with empty pockets.Thankfully, there is a new app on the market that has you and this dilemma in mind. Daily Spender is the latest release by Appduction Studios – an Egyptian start-up company –  that is a simple and a clutter-free way of keeping track of your money while you are on your trip.

Appduction Studios was founded by Shehab El-Noury, Majid Hassan and Mohamed Zohair. Their main goal “is to be a gaming company specialsed in casual games.” However, with the ability to create apps, Shehab El-Noury explains that the idea for the Daily Spender came when “I started travelling to Belgium for work, I'd always have trouble keeping track of my spending because even though there are several apps that do this, they offered way more than I needed.”

As such, their new app is very clean and simple; all you need to do is specify how many days you're travelling for and how much money you will be bringing. The app then distributes the money equally throughout the trip, giving you the option to redistribute any daily savings as future expenditures. The best part is that the App has been made free to the public, with the exception one of the features that is locked until you like their Facebook page. That sounds like a fair deal though, especially considering it costs nothing to download or click ‘like’ and the app can in fact help you save.

As it stands, Daily Spender can be found  on iTunes and is also available on Google Play for Android devices. There is nothing stopping you from using this app as a tool to keep track of your monthly budget, even if you’re not travelling. In the end it's hard to complain with free software, especially when it’s simple and, importantly, ad-free. So the next time you are thinking of taking trip or only have a certain amount of money left for the rest of the month, download this app and let it take away the stress of spending.

Find out more about Appduction Studios here.