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The Diary of Felix

Earlier this evening Felix Baumgartner became the first person to successfully break the sound barrier on a free fall flight on behalf of Red Bull. Everyone is wondering, tweeting, brooding, WHAT MUST HE BE THINKING RIGHT NOW?

Luckily CairoScene had someone on the inside…

8:35 AM: Alarm rings. Puts pillow over head. Clicks snooze.

8:40 AM: Alarm goes off. Clicks snooze.

8:45 AM: Alarm goes off. Clicks snooze.

9:00 AM: Begrudgingly gets up and goes to shower. *Singing in the shower* “I am a space man doo doo doo I’m a space man doo doo.”

9:20 AM: In shower. Playing with his toy rocket. “Ja Ja Ja Jaaaaa… Lift Off!”

9:50 AM: Getting changed in his room.

10:00 AM: “Mater, Mater! Where is my underwear?”

10:02 AM: “No Mater not these! The one with za Superman on it!”

10:20 AM: Dresses in a suit. Walks out of house and his mother yells, “Lazem telbes fanella la7san tebrad.”

5:00 PM: Posing for press drinking Red Bull with the Roswell base camp team. Mutters under his breath “Blagh. Ich hasse RedBull.”

6:00 PM: Sitting in pod awaiting lift off. Looks out into space. “Are you proud of me Mater! You said I would never make a career out of falling off things.”

6:30 PM: Calls Jay Z. “We are on schedule, all for the all seeing eye!” Puts hand on heart.

MEANWHILE when 5,000,000 people tune in to watch a man fall out of a balloon, unmarked tankers arrive at Russian Meteor site.
8:00 PM: LANDS! Fuck you Heidi, that will teach you to go off with Herman in the 9th grade. See me now? See me now?!
"Fick dich Heidi!"

9:00 PM: Looks at twitter feed, calls Red Bull. “WTF?! Who the hell was tweeting for me?”

2:00 AM: In Mansion Club Miami grinding with Milia Klunis and Kate Upton. Takes sip from 14 litre Moet. Jay Z tips bartender with tiny diamond.

8:50 AM: Alarm rings. Snooze.