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The Emirates First Girl Rockers

Random Stars are changing the way Arab women are perceived as the first Emirati all-girl rock band...

The striking image above made us stop, stare and click to find out more about the abaya-clad young women, brandishing guitars and looking like they mean business. Meet Bushra Hassan Al Hashimi, Hamda Al Ghaithi, Aysha Salem Al Kaabi, Aysha Abdullah Al Maskari and Almayasa Al Kaabi - the first Emirati all-girl rock band, hailing from Al-Ain where they've been smashing stereotypes, moshing their way through the glass ceiling and, importantly, getting the attention of music lovers across the UAE. The gregarious girl rockers - known as Random Stars - are all students at the Higher Colleges of Technology at Al Ain and only started playing a year ago, stopping other students in their tracks with their performances at school fairs and graduation ceremonies. Though they only perform covers now, rumour has it the girls are working on their very own originals.