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The Gift of Fried Chicken

Wondering what to get your date? KFC have got you covered.

On a daily basis we find stories on the internet that seem so far fetched that we assume it is fake. When that same story ends up being true, we find ourselves rushing to write about it. So what is the story? Did Egypt solve its problems? Did Israel and Palestine finally strike a piece deal? Is KFC offering fried chicken corsages?

Surprisingly, the latter is true, just in time for America's prom season. Believe it or not for only 20$ Americans will be able to show their affection with a wrist bouquet of baby's breath, ribbon, and piece of the Colonel's chicken.

The promotion is a partnership between Nanz & Kraft flourist and KFC who have joined forces to create a limited 100 corsages. Knowing America as the unhealthy fast food wasteland that it is, one could assume that all the corsages will sell.

It isn't clear what colour dress looks best with fried chicken, or whether original recipe or spicy best highlight brown eyes. So many questions, so few bites...