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The Krypt By Nacelle Costume Challenge

As the countdown to Halloween begins, the spooky crew at Nacelle are playing a little game. Have you been Krypted?

If you're not the annoying cynical type who bemoans Halloween as an ancient, vulgar Pagan tradition simply transcended into modern day as a capatalist ploy to empty our pockets on $60 sexy ebola contamination costumes, then more than likely you're heading to Nacelle's massive Krypt party this Friday at Omar Khayyam boat, and more than likely you've been wondering what to wear. 

Thankfully, the genius party organisers' campaign cleared away with our wardrobe neuroticism and have begun sending out costume challenges to all its attendees. This a) means no one has a last minute panic about what to go as and ends up going as The Joker, or a sexy kitten and b) the team behind Nacelle get to fuck with their favourite patrons. Aly B was challenged by fellow resident Hisham Zahran to go as Ace Ventura... with a Tutu, Cairo Gossip was challenged to go as King Tut and a whole host of party people were 'Krypted' with dares across social media from Pimps to Spice Girls to Dr.Seuss characters. Meanwhile, we challanged the Nacelle crew themselves to go as organiser Tito.

This was in response to our team being dared to come as Lord of the Rings characters. Assuming Egypt is Middle Earth we are flattered with the responsibility of save it. We're still each contemplating how we're going to make this happen, maybe don some dirty klot and go naked as Gollum or... does this count?:
Nacelle have also just announced that they will giving away SEASON PASSES to all Nacelle Friday House Sessions till the end of the year. You can win by getting your whole table at The Krypt to dress up as a certain theme, and the best dressed table will win! They'll also be giving away season passes to the four best dressed individuals on the night!
Check out all of Nacelle's Krypt dares in their album here.