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The LE10 Bank Note Will Soon Become a Plastic Coin

Once the Central Bank of Egypt relocates to the new administrative capital, the LE10 bill will be made as a plastic coin.

Don't you love coins? How they make that awkward lump in your wallet so every time you sit down you have to tilt awkwardly so you don't feel it press against your derriere? But on a more serious note, the introduction of the LE1 coin has made it so we don't have to worry about getting old, dirty, torn-up paper notes when we're getting change from our local kiosk, and now the LE10 note will go through a similar transformation with the creation a new LE10 coin. The central bank will be rolling out these new coins once their facility in the new administrative capital has been established, which will include a new press made especially for this new currency.

Earlier this year, we heard that all regular currency will be replaced with plastic bills, but this is the first announcement made on turning a bill into a plastic coin. The new plastic currency won’t immediately abolish the paper currency we currently use, but will be gradually introduced until they take over and become the norm through sheer numbers.