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The Ministry of Social Solidarity to Increase Number of Families Receiving Financial Aid to 60,000

The announcement from the Ministry of Social Solidarity to increase the number of families receiving financial aid also revealed increased benefits for rural women.

ministry of social solidarity

The Minister of Social Solidarity, Nevine Al-Kabbaj, has announced that within the next two months, the numbers of beneficiaries receiving monetary support from the state will be increased to 60,000 families, given that they meet the required criteria.

The announcement also revealed that for women living in Egypt’s rural areas, their monthly support of EGP350 will be increased to EGP900, which will also include women over the age of 65 who do not have access to the ministry’s elderly care homes.

In addition to these added benefits, Al-Kabbaj added that the ministry intends to increase the rate of loans granted by the state in support of kickstarting small businesses, which can improve the quality of life of underprivileged families.