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The New #ThisIsEgypt Video is the Egypt You Want to Show to the World

In the most recent effort to boost tourism in the nation, the Ministry of Tourism has just released a video for the #ThisIsEgypt campaign, highlighting the country's beauty...

It's no secret that since the revolution, Egyptian tourism has taken blow after blow; the carnage left in the wake of the uprising pretty much ensured even the most stunning and popular spots scattered across our nation were no longer drawing out the touristic crowds that they used to. But Egypt is slowly starting to rebuild its global name as a go-to spot for the world's citizens to flock to, whether they're seeking rich history or pristine beaches. The latest effort by the Ministry of Tourism comes in the form of massive campaign, spearheaded by the hashtag #ThisIsEgypt. With it they have just released a gorgeous video that showcases the myriad incredible spots across Egypt and the endless beauty, culture, and experiences the country has to offer. It's a stunning video that would make Terrence Malick proud. And just wait world, we shall soon regain our rightful place as om el donya! Check out the video below...

Main image courtesy of Aisha El Shabrawy.