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The Nile is Getting a Massive New Promenade with Mamsha Ahl Misr

The Mamsha Ahl Masr will feature 5 shops, 30 restaurants, 15 retail units, and 50 booths, along with an expansive open air theatre.

The Nile doesn't need an introduction. We've sailed on the feluccas. We've heard all the poetry. We've watched all the classic films where a young couple walks along the Nile, too shy and hesitant to hold each other’s hands, and yet, when the sparkling surface of the ancient river catches their eyes, they find themselves inching ever closer to one another - a testament to its timeless romance. The Nile is really pretty, basically. Yet as much as we love the Nile, we don't hang out as much as we could.

In the works since September 2019, Mamsha Ahl Misr is looking to change that, with the hopes of becoming a crown jewel on the eastern bank of the Nile. It is being built as a huge public walkway, where locals and tourists alike can wander along the Nile while exploring a range of shops, restaurants and luxurious experiences with Counsel Masters, a property management company, have signed on to ensure its commercial sector has got everything it needs for a unique day out.

With the first phase complete, Counsel Masters has begun work on managing, operating and marketing the commercial area of Mamsha Ahl Misr, drawing on its portfolio of 65 local brands and over 80 international brands whose exclusive manager rights they own.

“Since the beginning, we have had a clear goal to manage and operate Mamsha Ahl Misr within the framework of international standards and the application of an integrated strategy to provide a unique and lavish experience for the walkway visitors,” Chairman & CEO of Counsel Masters George Metry tells #CairoScene. "We are relying on both our experience and expertise in managing all aspects of tourism, entertainment and trade for various projects.”

Once complete, Mamsha Ahl Misr will consist of two walkways overlooking the Nile, across a total area of 7,100 square metres. The promenade will be able to host 45 shops, 30 restaurants, 15 retail units, and 50 booths, along with an expansive open air theatre - all of which will be so close to the Nile, you could practically feel it. To discover the brands on Mamsha Ahl Misr, follow them on Instagram at @mamshaahlmisr to keep track of all their entertainment and activities scheduled for 2022.