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The Population of Egypt is Expected to Reach 101 Million by this October

According to CAPMAS’s recent census, Egypt’s population is expected to hit 101 million by October 2020. Yeah, that soon.

Remember the good old days of the year 2000, when we despaired that - over the past ten years - Egypt's population had jumped up by a whole 12 million people? Oh, how naive we were. How innocent, how sweet. How many of us would have anticipated that in the 20 years that followed, the population would jump by over 30 million people? And now, halfway through 2020, we're on the cusp of hitting 101 million by October, or so says CAPMAS’s most recent census. These rapidly-rising figures are partially responsible for the move to the New Administrative Capital – which is set to host the main governmental centres and ministries - and is hoped to significantly ease the burden of the overwhelming congestion of central Cairo.

In February of 2020, CAPMAS showed that Egypt’s population hit 100 million, with a gender ratio of 106.2 males for every 100 females. Egypt also has a rather young population, with 34.1% of us under 15 years of age, and only 4.1% over 65 years old. So, you know, watch it with those Gen-X memes, ok.