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The Rampant Rabbi

A new, Rabbi-shaped sex toy is on the market causing a trademark battle...

Chalk this up as the weirdest and stupidest trademark challenge ever. Shed Simove, a Jewish comedian, is standing by his product the Rampant Rabbi, in the face of backlash from one UK sex store. What is the Rampant Rabbi? It is a limited edition silicone, vibrating dildo that happens to be in the shape of a Rabbi.

The challenge was made by Ann Summers, one of UK's favourite lingerie and sex store, who have their own line of toys named Rampant Rabbit. Trading standards agreed with Ann Summers and rejected the 'Rampant Rabbi' application.

Despite the decision, Simove continues to defy the decision by selling his product claiming “I can't trademark it but I'm still using the name. I don't think there is any confusion between the product.”

The Rampant Rabbi features a "prayer cap [which] gives the dildo a smooth, rounded top and each piece is made from phthalate-free and latex-free silicone." If sticking a Rabbi in you isn't turning you on, don’t worry: Simove offers a few more options in his 'Masturpieces' collection.

Perhaps you would prefer Queen Elizabeth II invading your thigh gap? What about a Vagenie for your box, or Cunt Dracula to enjoy your special place? These variations on the dildo are all available in his collection which begs the question: who is depraved enough to want any of these coming anywhere near their private spot? Wouldn't a Bieber Beaver Pleaser be more of a sell? Then again, it would probably lead to an even bigger trademark battle.