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The Right to Cupcakes

Here at MO4, the two things we love the most in the world are cupcakes and mountains, in no particular order of importance...

When we found out that our favorite cupcake store Nola was teaming up with our favorite mountain Mount Kilimanjaro, we went wild with excitement.

 The Right To Climb is an initiative to raise much needed funding and awareness for the intellectually disabled by completing the 7-day climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest point on the African continent. And Nola has just launched a super yummy collection of cupcakes specifically for the cause with 100% of proceeds going directly to the Right To Live Association to support the mentally challenged in Egypt.

So drop by their Zamalek or Maadi store for a a dose of yummy goodness and if you’re much braver than we are, contact to get more details of joining the trip to Kilimanjaro. It’s known as the ‘Everyman’s Mountain’, and the experts at Wild Guanabana (the company behind The Right to Climb) have told us that anyone with a basic level of fitness should be able to complete it.

For more information:  

Nola Zamalek – 4 Brazil St., Zamalek, Cairo. Tel – 02  27366494
Nola Maadi – 84 Road 9, Maadi, Cairo. Tel – 02 23803949