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The Travelling Family Present their Book in Cairo

Herman Zapp's travelling family has gone across the Americas, Australia, Asia, and is now in Cairo, where they'll be sharing their story at their booking signing this Saturday.

Their vintage car has crossed the remote highways of Alaska; it has climbed 5,230 metres in Tibet; and now it is digging into the dunes of the Egyptian desert. Herman Zapp’s Graham Paige vehicle has traveled over 200,000 kilometres across the world, as he and his wife Candelaria decided to quit their routine in Argentina to chase their lifetime dream in the 87-year-old car.

This Saturday, the couple together with their children will be sharing their story, as they display their photos around the world and sign copies of their book Spark Your Dream, which narrates the couple’s first expedition that took them across two American continents, from Argentina to Alaska. Now completing a tour across Africa from Cape Town to Cairo, the couple set out to share hundreds of stories, from the Zulu houses where they stayed, to the farmers and collectors of steam trains who helped them when the old car broke down.

The event is a unique chance to meet this inspiring family, whose children were all born in four different continents, peak into their fascinating home-car, listen to their stories, and obtain a signed copy of their book,  which is a best seller running into its 6th edition in English.

 The car is called Macondo Cambalache, a mixture between the famous place portrayed in Gabriel Garcia Marquez's 100 Years of Solitude - a tiny town where the craziest things could happen - and a beautiful Tango.

Kicking off next Saturday 12th at Caffe Vergnano in New Cairo, the talk will be preceded by a slideshow starting at 5pm, followed by a speech and film screening where they will share their fascinating tales of the 4,000 nights spent in family houses across the Americas, Australia and New Zealand, the Far East, and Africa. “That was the best part of our journey; the people who opened their hearts to us and shared a big treasure: their families, their homes,” Herman said in an interview with CairoScene. “Another mountain after a thousand mountains is just another mountain. Another beach after a thousand beaches is just another beach… but the person we meet is unique; that’s what counts, and that’s why our dream kept growing.”