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The Triwizard Tournament is Now in Egypt to Support Children in Need

The Triwizard Tournament is taking over the Abo El-Reesh Children’s Hospital this Saturday to help raise funds. Wands at the ready.

Hang on to your broomsticks, because what we’re about to reveal is going to blow your mind. Just like Aunt Marge at the dinner table. This year, on Saturday the 27th of August, the Triwizard Tournament will be not be held on Hogwarts grounds but rather, in Egypt’s Mansoureya. As a way to raise funds for the Abo El-Reesh Children's Hospital, the Patient Support Team at the institution will be organising this magical event and are encouraging Egyptians to participate as a way to give back, but also to channel your inner die-hard Potterhead. You finally have a chance to wear that cape without people looking at your weirdly.

“We’ve been doing this for two years now," explains Mahmoud Nasr, head of The Patient Support Team of their their recurring #HalfBloodSphinx events, "The hospital has several nurseries and they constantly need more supplies.” Purchase your tickets and “all revenues will go to the sick children of the Abo El-Reesh Children Hospital,” added Nasr. However, we all know that there are few steps one must take before participating in this grand event; visit your Gringotts vault and teleport to Diagon Alley to buy yourself the Nimbus 2000 and a new wand. But mainly, just get your invitation and maybe brush up on your Harry Potter knowledge.

The tournament will have three main tasks (to test your magical ability, intelligence, and courage); a hunt for a dragon’s egg, a large maze to pass through, and swimming into the ‘Black Lake’ to retrieve something that is valuable to you. However, it doesn’t end there; you can participate in The Quidditch League for International Schools, listen to Professor Trelawney read your fortune, and get Harry Potter tattoos. YAAAAS ALL OUR DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE.

While walking around the arena you treat yourself to some of their merchandise. Plus, if you’re worried about running out of energy in the tournament, their kitchen elves will serve you with the finest meals they can offer. The day will finally come to an end with a movie night; can you guess which movie? Yup, you’ll be watching a Harry Potter movie.

Take part in the #HalfBloodSphinx and prove to those muggles that magic is the way to go. And remember, ‘it’s wingardium leviOsa, not leviosAH’.

“It matters not what we are born, but what we grow to be.” So don’t waste a single second and go spend a full day acting like a child.

You can get your invitation here or check out their Facebook page here.