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The World's First Sex-Themed Amusement Park to Open in Brazil

They had us at genitalia-shaped rides and a 7D cinema with vibrating seats.

In the best thing we have seen all year, a group of Brazilian investors have announced plans to build a sex-themed amusement park near the city of Piracicaba, about two hours’ drive from São Paulo, reports Metro.  

Complete with a 7D cinema with vibrating seats, a sex toy shop, a museum of sex history, aphrodisiac snacks booths, genitalia-shaped rides, an erotic sculpture park, a nudist swimming pool, and a sex playground, Erotikaland is set to open in 2018.

Surprisingly, however, sex is not allowed on the premises. "This won't be a place for nuns, but it's not like we're trying to recreate Sodom and Gomorrah," the Daily Star quoted Mauro Morata, the businessman in charge of the project, as saying.

Should things get out of hand and your blue balls start getting the best of you, management has devised an elaborate plan: "If attendees want to take things to another level, they can go to a nearby motel – which we will operate," Morata reassures.

We're coming, Erotikaland!

Illustration by Tamara Shopsin; Photo by druvo/istock.