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There's A Giant Rubber Duck Taking Over Cairo And We Know Why

What the duck?

There’s a giant rubber duck taking over Cairo and we don’t know whether to run or get some water and play. El Batta, which is what it’s being called, has been popping up in different parts of Cairo and it’s got people quacking about it.

The giant yellow bird has people feeling nostalgic, reminiscing about their childhood when rubber ducks were a summer staple. We’ve all been wondering what on earth this duck means, but wonder no more because rumour has it that Mountain View is behind it all. Putting two and two together, it seems that El Batta is part of Mountain View’s “True Essence of Summer Campaign”, and if that’s the case, we have them to thank for making us feel like kids again.

Where is El Batta going? Is El Batta a boy or girl? And what will be his/her next stop? We’re not quite sure but we can’t wait to find out. Be sure we'll tell you all about as more news of giant ducks emerges.