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This Egyptian Bakery Anticipates Christmas Kindness by Giving Cookies to Street Children

Setting off to inspire other Egyptians and make a positive impact, Cairo-based bakery Batter Half & Co. took to the streets of Zamalek with free sweets for homeless children.

You see them selling flowers in Zamalek, offering tissues in Maadi, or begging at the foot of a Mohandiseen traffic light. Street children are a painful reality across Egyptian streets, a growing concern that not even Unicef has been able to quantify. Perhaps that is why any social good Christmas initiative would do well to focus on them first.

Taking initiative well ahead of Christmas, Cairo-based bakery Batter Half & Co. set off to make a positive impact on those around the company as they decided to take to the streets of Zamalek, where their store is located, to give away free cookies to street children on November 15th.  

“We decided to get into the Christmas spirit early this year by giving out free cookies to homeless children. Their smiles were infectious,” the company said in a Facebook post. They may not the tackling the issue from its root, but they say a small act of kindness goes a long way…