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The New Egyptian Streetwear Brand Making Bold Statement Sweaters

Dynasty's sweaters are awesome conversation starters.


Millennials could be considered the first generation of the digital age and those who've had higher accessibility than previous generations to a platform that allows them to voice their beliefs and fight for their cause with a wider audience reach. Regardless of location, nationality, religion or background, millennials are at times an idealist generation that finds common ground in wanting to change the world and fighting wholeheartedly for their beliefs. And the first step to anything is starting the conversation. Dynasty, is the Egyptian apparel brand giving voice to societal issues by giving us yet another platform, our clothing.  Launching earlier this month, Dynasty's sweaters aren't just badass but they're tackling societal issues. The sweaters which have a hell lot of character tackle modern-day concepts by using symbolic icons of pop culture and Ancient times. Co-founder, Omar Rizk, tells CairoScene of the brand’s vision and the types of topics being portrayed in their first collection, Dynasty I.“We're tackling modern ideas and themes. So one of the themes we’re trying to speak about for example is surveillance. Another one is the idealisation of criminals by mass media. And more so in terms of music or movies, where we’re always looking towards the west as our compass," says Rizk. "So for example, you’ve got pulp fiction where we’ve made heroes out of criminals. It's these people glamorized in the West's media regardless of wether or not they’re actions are faulty. That's the 'Pulp Blood' sweater which tackles how propaganda can tend to glorify bloody tendencies between the lines of worshipping movie icons”The topics that Dynasty explores and imprints on their merchandise defy borders and are not limited to a specific culture as they give voice to general themes that are relatable to a whole generation. "With the 'Recreation of Blue Blood' sweater it speaks about how the perception of art is no longer an individual matter but rather is controlled by the artistic elite in an excluding manner. The question we're asking is who defines what art is or what it isn't. At the base, art is a celebration of individuality. No one has the power to define it."Dynasty's first line portrays several heavy topics but the brand plans to tackle a specific issue as well as era with the coming collections.

“For our first collection though, we’re still testing and that’s why we’re exploring different topics and issues. We're mixing both ancient icons as well as modern ones to bring our message to life. Right now, we want to get the feedback. But in the future, we aim to have a theme that pertains to an era and an issue that we're tackling for that specific collection."

A few of Dynasty's pieces are also celebrating iconic figures throughout history. 

"The 'Victory of Shakur' sweater is a celebration of Tupac. As the Greeks sought the divine winds and powers of the Greek goddess of Victory through hardships and misfortunes, so did the suppressed seek the power of music carrying Tupac's words through injustice," says Rizk. 
Dynasty manufactures everything from A to Z locally. While the online brand currently only ships locally, the founders plan to expand globally and start shipping internationally soon.

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Photo credits Ahmed Tarek.