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This Egyptian Diver Has Been Underwater Since Monday to Break World Record for Longest Dive

Saddam Killany has been underwater off the coast of Dahab for over 50 hours.

In a rare Egyptian pitch to Guinness World Records, 28-year-old diver Saddam Killany has gone underwater off the coast of Dahab for more than 50 hours. Killany plans to break the record for  the longest dive in history with an astounding 120-hour dive over the course of 5 days.

Killany, who has been underwater since Monday morning, has gone through extensive training on how to eat and drink from inside his suit. Killany is accompanied by a team of divers who take shifts to closely monitor Killany throughout the exceedingly demanding dive.

Kilany eating underwater

According to the campaign's Facebook page, Killany needed 8 months of training to master eating, drinking, and sleeping underwater, with the longest dive during his training lasting for 76 hours, already the longest dive to ever happen in the Middle East.

Follow updates on Killany's underwater stay on The Longest Dive in History.