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This Egyptian Girl Dressed Up as Santa for Christmas and Handed Out Gifts on the Streets

This selfless girl was photographed spreading her generosity by handing out presents to strangers on Christmas day.

Setting the Christmas spirit ablaze this year, one unknown Egyptian girl ignited an ebullient aura as she took to the streets wearing a Santa suit and handing out gifts to strangers. The messenger of joy roamed the streets with a Santa sack on her back, giving out presents, candy, and flowers to the passers-by, creating a jolly atmosphere which showed on the faces of those who came her way.

The act of benevolence was captured and made into a spirit-lifting Christmas story through the lens of Robabkia photography, then wrapped up and posted on their Facebook page, and has since been wildly circulating online. We must say; it has warmed our hearts. Almost as much as the four cups of hot chocolate we just gulped down.