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This One Time at Beat Camp...

We had a cheeky peek inside the El Gouna villa currently housing the contestants of the Electrum Records Student DJ Program...

The Student DJ Program organised by Electrum Records is well underway after an explosive party at the Fairmont Nile City during which the 30 contestants who would be taking part in the week-long bootcamp were announced. Currently holed up in a luxry villa in El Gouna they're spending their days and nights being taught by the best in the business (including the likes of Aly & Fila and Jamies Griffiths) in the hope of one day becoming the bizniz. CairoScene got an exclusive all-access pass to the spinning classes... 

Entering the Student DJ Program villa you immediately get electrocuted by the vibrant energy about the place. Imagine that feeling you get when you’ve been on the precipice of making your dreams come true and times that by 30. In each corner there are three or four DJs talking in detail about the technique. Visiting DJ teacher Jamie Griffiths is impressed with the talent so far, "I’m loving the enthusiasm," he tells us. "I think the standard is actually really good and I love the fact that everyone is really ready to get stuck in."

During the day the DJs are divided up into groups in a minimal art deco hall decked out with 15 pioneer CDJs as the resident DJ professor takes them through a few tricks of the trade.

DJ Jamie Griffiths from Wales teaching a class

Here at CairoScene we may have dubbed the competition the DJ Hunger Games but the vibe is anything but competitive (so far). The contestants seem eager to learn from each other first and foremost, with everyone providing a diverse range of talents to the competition. Mohammed Sadek, a potential superstar deeshay of the future tells us, "There are a lot of different genres on show. I'm into French Electro and Indie Dance and there are a few minimal DJs but I personally think a Deep House contestant will end up winning." Ahh Deep House, the Hercules and genre du jour of the scene. Which begs the question, will they end up selling out during the competition to win over the crowd? "I'll never sell out," says Sadek.