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What Egyptians Googled the Most in 2018

Why are Egyptians still obsessively Googling Haifa?

Google Searches Egypt

Google is practically synonymous with the invention of the internet itself. No matter where we stand in life or what issue we might be facing, we can always ask Google, and it will give us an answer. It may not always be the answer we're looking for, but that doesn't stop us bombarding it with questions all day long, and we're not alone. With smart phones and internet access reaching peak levels in Egypt, Egyptians have come to rely on Google for answers as much as the rest of the world, and in 2018 we had some pretty serious questions for it, as was revealed in the annual Google stats for the most searched topics in Egypt.For starters, Egyptians seem to still be obsessed with the La' La' Sha'by mahragan, which topped the list of songs Googled by Egyptians this year, followed by another Shaabi anthem, Ana Gada' (I'm Brave). Third in that list is - surprisingly  - the 2017 Puerto Rican hit Despacito, followed by another hit from the same year; Talat Da'at.When it comes to events, Egyptians had their minds focused on the 2018 World Cup, the first in which Egypt participated in almost three decades. Second to that was where to find the closest electoral committee (weird), followed by Cairo International Film Festival, which we're guessing may be be solely due to the infamous dress incident. The lunar eclipse made the fourth position on the list of most Googled events of the year, with the fifth being El Gouna Film Festival.It gets juicier with the most Googled personalities of the year, at the top of which is obviously Mohamed Salah. However, it got interesting when we figured out that Egyptians still obsessively Google Haifa Wehbe - is it 2009 all over again? Coming third is the Croatian president who made headlines around the world as she cheered her national team on through the 2018 World Cup in the most adorable ways. Hossam Habib makes a return to Egyptian search engines, most probably due to his surprising marriage to pop sensation Sherine Abdel-Wahab.Unsurprisingly, however, the most searched mosalsal of the year is Mohamed Ramadan's Nisr El Sa'eed (Hawk of Upper Egypt), followed by the third season of Teatro Egypt and... you know what? Check it out yourself.