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Total Eclipse of the Moon Coming To Egypt This Month

Just when you think you've been treated to your fair share of incredible astronomical events this summer, even more keep popping up.

Humans of planet earth have been treated to multiple celestial spectacles this summer. From a massive blue moon to extended meteor showers, the night’s sky has done everything in its awe-inspiring power to draw us away from television. Scheduled for this month will be a partial solar eclipse as well as a total lunar eclipse.

On Sept 13th, the universe has planned to send the moon to partially eclipse the sun. Sadly, Egypt will not be able to witness this marvel; however on Sept 28th Egypt will be able to witness a total lunar eclipse.

The space event is expected to last for three hours, 20 minutes and 36 seconds, during which sea and ocean tides will be effective. Talking to Youm 7, Ashraf Tadros, the head of the Astronomical Department at the National Institute for Astronomical Research explains, “The lunar eclipse will be clearly seen in areas where the moon is up at the time of its happening, like in Europe, Western Asia, Africa, and Americas except the western half of Alaska.”

This magnificent display will take place just after Eid, so if you are on vacation consider extending it a day or two so that you can witness this grandiose event far from the city’s light pollution.