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Tourism in Egypt Has Spiked Up by 32.9% in Recent Months

Tourists have also spent more nights in Egypt and hotel occupancy has increased.

We all know that the best time to travel to Egypt is right before summer hits; that spring period between February and May. And despite the recent political climate, the world has been listening. According to the Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics (CAPMAS), Egypt saw a 32.9 percent increase in the number of tourists throughout the month of May.

Additionally, tourists as it turns out spent 145.8 percent more nights in the country, and the hotel occupancy rate in the country also climbed to 45.2 percent in April compared to only 20 percent at the same time last year. In May, we had reported that the hotel occupancy rate in the capital had also risen to 70 percent. That’s a lot of people making out with Abo El Hol!  

Photo: Reuters