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Ahmed Towfik's Utopia Being Developed For the Big Screen

Ahmed Khaled Towfik’s bestselling novel Utopia is getting the cinematic treatment soon...

Fans of a post-apocalyptic Egypt have reason to be excited, as acclaimed Egyptian author Ahmed Khaled Towfik’s bestselling novel Utopia is being developed for the big screen.

According to Variety, Egyptian director Rami Imam will be leading this massive undertaking. Known for his work on TV series and previous films including Hassan and Morcus and Amire El Zalam, the AUC graduate hopes to enlist at least one Hollywood star to play a marine. “Utopia requires a gargantuan and exceptional effort in visual and special effects, à la Marvel Studios, including green screens and CG shots highlighting both worlds,” Imam tells Variety.

Rami Imam’s own production company, True Motion, will be developing the project in partnership with several international special effects specialists, to ensure they deliver a high quality adaptation that does this beloved novel justice. Handling the marketing and distribution is Cairo-based Mad Solutions.

Utopia is set in the not-too-distant 2030 where the rich continue to oppress the Others in a twisted apocalyptic Egypt. It's set during an age when the region's oil has become worthless, thanks to the Americans invention of Super Fuel, leaving the wealthy to seek refuge in a U.S Marine protected coastal colony.

There is no word on when it will be released, but nevertheless the news will come as quite the delight, not just for those who love Towfik’s novel, but to the many who have been starving to see a quality Egyptian Sci Fi flick.