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Travel Bans Lifted

A slew of countries are re-allowing their citizens to travel to Egypt.

There may be hope yet for Egypt's tourism downfall. This week, 13 countries have lifted their travel ban to Egypt, thanks to the efforts of tourism minister Hisham Zaazou. The ministry launched a massive public relations campaign reassuring potential tourist that they would be safe, and that the situation has calmed down and is stabiliding.

His efforts seem to be working. Wednesday morning, 1,000 German tourists arrived in Hurghada, inspiring hope that tourists and their money will be returning to Egypt. This couldn't have happened at a better time as the peak season for tourists starts in mid-October until May.

Countries that have reduced travel warnings to Egypt include Germany, Hungary, Denmark, the Netherlands, Finland, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Norway, France, Slovenia, Belgium, The Czech Republic, Sweden, Estonia and Switzerland.